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Our Governance

His Excellence Dr Hage G. Geingob
President of the Repblic of Namibia
Hon Agnes B. Tjongarero
Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service
Hon. Emma Kantema-Gaomas
Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service

Our Board Members

Dr. Emmerentia Leonard
Mr. Richwell Lukonga
Deputy Chairperson
Mr. Escher Luanda
Mr. Ali Dharani
Ms. Dagmar Honsbein
Brigadier General Willem Shigwedha
Ms. Beatha Hauwanga
Mr. Ndatulumukwa Haikali
Dr. Felix Z Musukubili
Commissioner Ex officio

The President is the head of the service as provided by section (3)(1) of the National Youth Service Act,2005 (Act No. 6 of 2005) and has in terms of section 3(2)(a) assigned the administration of the Act to the Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service.
The Board is established in terms of section 5(1) of the National Youth Service Act, 2005 (Act No. 6 of 2005). The Board consists of nine (9) members and is appointed by the President of the Republic Namibia in terms of section 5(2) for a three (3) year term. The functions of the Board are to give policy directions to the Commissioner on the management and administrative affairs of the Service and advise the President on the activities, programmes and policies of the Service.
The Commissioner who is appointed by the President in terms of section 11(1) of the Act and pursuant to Article 32(3)(i)(ee) of the Namibian Constitution is the chief executive officer of the Service; and subject to the control and directions of the Board, with the responsibility for the efficient management and administration of the Service.