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Welcoming Remarks from the Commissioner

Commissioner Dr. Felix Z Musukubili

Welcome to National Youth Service Official website. As a service, we operate under the auspices of the National Youth Service Act (Act No. 6 of 2005).

The National Youth Service offers a unique three phase youth development programme including Civic Training (Education) aimed transforming the youth from common civilian behaviours into regimental/formation behaviours; instilling discipline, and encourage patriotism and a sense of civic responsibility and loyalty to the country.

Secondly, NYS offers National Voluntary Service, aimed at promoting social responsibility amongst the youth. The trainees are deployed across the country on projects of national importance which in turn contribute to social development.

Lastly, Skills Training is aimed at equipping the youth with technical vocational skills in various trades at different levels. To this end, from the date of NYS inception, about 5300 trainees have undergone Civic Training and Voluntary Service Program and over 600 have graduated from our Skills Development programmes.

Many of the civic graduates have been absorbed in the security services cluster including the Namibian Police, Correctional Services and the Namibian Defense Force. Those who have completed skills development training, have either been absorbed in the labor market and are self-employed.

As an institution, we will continue to deliver relevant national youth services and offer recognized skills training and personal development to the youth through attaining the requisite institutional capacity. As you navigate through our website, I trust that you will find the website informative about our services and further that you will develop interest herein and ultimately contact us for any service requirements.

I thank you