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Our Profile

Rationale for NYS

Namibia has between 20 000 and 30 000 youngsters who have completed high school, including those who have dropped out every year but are unemployed as the labour market only takes about 4 000 of them.

In addition, vocational and tertiary institutions only take about 10 000 of the said group per year. The NYS Act recognizes the need for more opportunities for youth and particularly out of schools youth to develop skills and competencies and attitude that will enable them to function as productive citizens, in a wholistic programme.

Our Mandate

The National Youth Service was established in terms of the National Youth Service Act, 2005 (Act no. 6 of 2005) (Download). The mandate of the Service is to offer civic, technical and vocational training, personal development programmes and opportunities for voluntary services to the youth, and thus contributing in a sustainable manner to national socio-economic development efforts.

Our Achievement

Since the NYS programme started in 2007, a total of 5390 have graduated from the NYS programme. 60% have found full-time employment in a variety of sectors, whilst 20% are successfully pursuing self employment. In addition NYS has participated in numerous national projects such as the National Railway Project and the Ministry of Health rural clinic infrastructure up-grading.

How we are funded

NYS derives its funding mainly from Government allocation. However NYS is continuously developing opportunities to increase its own funding sources that will enable it to achieve long term financial self sustainability.

Our Mission

To sustainably provide recognized and accredited training, enhance youth employability and inculcate a sense of nationhood through voluntarism and civic responsibility

Our Vision

To be the dynamic and sustainable youth empowerment Service inculcating patriotism and a sense of national pride thereby contributing to socio-economic development.

Our Values


Our Partners

NYS pursues and greatly values partnerships of mutual benefit in achieving its mandate of youth development. Over the years has built such partnerships with a partners in various sectors.