Farm Eunda

NYS acquired Farm Eunda in 2014, and has been cultivating a variety of vegetables utlilising its favourable position of being next to the canal. Since NYS acquired the farm, it has grown to an operation that produces a variety of crops such as cabbage, tomatoes, spinach and other vegetables on a modest 5ha. It produces on average 20 tonnes of fresh produce per year. Our trainees are actively involved in the production on this farm, giving them an opportunity for valuable experiential learning and enhancing their skills.

Farms Eunda has grown from strength to strength through and our vision is that the farm will lead to NYS being able to meet all our fresh produce needs and also produce surplus for the market. It also provides ongoing training opportunities, because we believe the power of experiential learning and team work in shaping our youth. NYS has its own truck and so is able to keep delivery costs low and to achieve shorter turnaround times from crop to consumers

  Total Hector of Land:40ha
   Farming Activities:horticulture