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This is the first phase of training with a duration of six months. It aims to impart to the youth knowledge, constructive attitudes and individual values that help them to become motivated, responsible youth who are able to relate positively to others including those from different cultural backgrounds.

Civic Training is currently conducted at Rietfontein Centre and is offered in partnership with Namibian Defence Force (NDF). During this phase of training the youth undergo training and a variety of modules are covered including:

Namibian Constitution, Vision 2030, NDPs, Drill and Physical Training (PT), First aid and Hygiene, Leadership Training, Recruits Trainees Code of Conduct, Skill at Arms/ Weaponry Skills, GRN Structures, Map Reading and Interpretation, Stress Management, National Youth Service Act, Voice Procedures. In addition to the above mentioned modules, recruits undergo through additional modules offered through Guest Instructors such as:

HIV & AIDS Awareness, Geo Politics, Drug Law enforcement, Explosives, Human Rights, Uniformed Recruitment Policy, Rank Structures (NDF, NAMPOL, NCS), Economic Activities, Violence Against Women and Children. Despite the physical and rigorous nature of this training, the youth have been responding very well to this programme as it forms part of their integral life journey.